5 Oct

The next part of the tinkerbell cake required me to make large forest like leaves, but the problem I was faced with was that I couldn’t find large enough leaf cutters.  I looked through mycollection of cutters and got inspired by my butterfly cutter.  I thought that if I used half the butterfly it would make a leaf like shape and so I started cutting out my fondant. Once cut I wanted the leaves to look more life like but the thought of indenting the leaf veins in each leaf wasn’t something I wanted to do.  Then I remembered what I used to do at school to get leaf impressions.  I used to place a piece of paper over a leaf, then got a crayon and rubbed it over the paper and this would leave the leaf’s imprint on the paper.  With this in mind, I broke of one of the leaves from my boyfriend’s plants. He wasn’t very happy about this but he knew deep down it was for a good cause!  I washed and then sprayed the leaf with antibacterial spray, then covered it with cling film and placed a cut-out fondant leaf over the top. Now with my rolling pin I applied firm pressure as I rolled it over the fondant then lifted up the leaf. I was left with a realistic looking leaf.  I then placed the imprinted fondant leaves on scrunched up foil to dry over night, as this would give the leaves some dimension.


You will need:

  • fondant
  • icing sugar or cornflour for dusting
  • butterfly cutter or and cutter that will give you a leaf shape
  • rolling-pin
  • washed and antibacterial sprayed leaf
  • cling film
  • scrunched up cooking foil


  • wash and spray leaf with anti-bacterial spray
  • dry then wrap in cling film
  • dust work surface and rolling-pin with icing sugar or cornflour
  • roll out fondant
  • use cutter to cut out leaf shapes
  • one at a time place fondant leaves on cling film leaf (place the under side of the leaf upwards as it will leave a better impression)
  • roll rolling-pin over fondant with pressure
  • place fontant leaves on scrunched up foil to dry overnight

Extra Tips:

  • wrap leaf once in cling film so a deeper imprint can be made
  • if making lots of leaves you will notice that the leaf will start to disintegrate under the pressure, so make sure you have a few more leaves ready to be rolled over
  • I made the mistake of leaving the leaf to dry overnight after washing and spraying it with anti-bacterial spray, as in the morning the leaf had shrivelled up. I realsied that it is best to use the leaf straight after washing it, and just pat dry with kichen paper before wrapping in cling film.

Follow me on my next post which will be about how to make fondant figures.

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