7 Oct

For my tinkerbell cake I made a few fondant figures which included bees, ladybirds and frogs.  I came across a few problems, but was able to overcome them easily, and found some helpful tips in making it easier to make and design them.


  • When attaching fondant to fondant use a little bit of water between the pieces to act like glue, rather than having to go and buy edible glue
  • get an ediable pen to draw intricate detail on your fondant, rather than cutting and glueing small pieces of fondant on, as this saves alot of time and makes detail more accurate.  Also they come in different flavours and are great for drawing on faces, and also used to write messages
  • when you roll out fondant it is best to do so on a surface sprinkled with either icing sugar or cornflour to stop the fondant from sticking

Extra Tip:

When figures have dried, the cornflour or icing sugar may still be visible, (as you can see from my pictures).  To get rid of it without ruining the figures shape and detail, get a soft fine bristle brush (an unused paint brush is fine), and dip it in either vodka or vegatable shortening and brush gently over the fondant figure, leave to dry and the powder will have disappeared.  This technique doesn’t only have to be used for fondant figures, but on any type of fondant such as a cake covering or flowers.

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